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Simple Sustainable Coaching 

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Simple Sustainable Coaching

specializing in recovery from addictions, associated behaviors and Attention Deficit disorder`s


I am here to walk with you step by step, finding the courage and strength to welcome any of life's challenges with a deep trust, a hopeful heart and willing hands.   

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Simple Transformation that works

  • What- We take inventory, sort out and organize the inside chaos. Name the behaviors that do not serve you and find the ones that do

  • How- Simple, Possible, and powerful tools to slowly change the behaviors that keep you from thriving

  • When- From the minute we start to change our actions, change comes


Healing Chronic Pain With Hatha Yoga Practice

 Restorative gentle holistic Yoga practice helps me through my daily living with Fibromyalgia. Healing & nurturing the body, mind, and soul.

Sitting Meditation, Lying Meditation (Shavasana)

Breathing techniques to balance our insides (Pranayama)

Asanas (Yoga poses and movements)

This holistic approach to yoga is yoga in its most authentic form, practiced for thousands of years passed on by disciplic succession.

Spiritual Coaching
If it ain't simple, it ain't spiritual  

For those just starting on their path

I am here to help you find YOUR own divine spiritual belief system. Faith in the divine can be practical, simple, and practiced anytime, anywhere.

For those already on their path

I am here to support you in hard times on that path, depression, anxiety, periods of loss, lack of faith.  Sometimes we just need someone to hold us accountable

"If we have determination and if we make the right choices to nourish our divine nature, then we will be victorious in life"

Radhanath Swami 

Let's do this

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